So this video is going to show you my favourites outfits for this summer ! I hope this is going to give you inspiration 🙂

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My Favourite Hair Care Products

So in this video,I’m just basically showing you some of my favourite hair care products 🙂

Hope this is going to help you 🙂

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The Secret About Red Lips


Of course, you bought your super bright red lipstick some days ago..but it is just standing over your vanity since then cause you absolutly don’t know how to wear it without looking like a clown!
The thing to know about red lipstick, it’s that when you wear it, it might mean you wanna make THIS part of your face stand out more then anything else. So as you’re trying to focus on your lipstick, since the color is quite intense, you may not create a super dramatic smokey eyes, since THAT way you’ll look a bit funny. And since it’s not Halloween everyday, then you must do a soft neutral eye makeup to get along with you’re beautiful bright red lipstick.
Now,here’s some tips to apply your red lipstick correctly;
1.Line your lips with a red lip pencil
2.Apply your red lipstick with a lip brush. This is going to be easier to apply and it’s going to avoid you to over do it.
3.Retouch with some foundation around your lip area to clean the excess you did.
And that’s it! (:
I hope you like this post,and enjoy your red lips for this spring ! xx

How to create a perfect smokey eye! -The basic steps

First thing to know about smokey eye’s makeup, it is that it contains minimum 3 different colors.
 And those different colors, you must keep them in the same tones.

 example: If I want a blue smokey eye, I must take a light blue,a typical blue and a darker blue color for my eyes.

Next thing to know, it’s that you can not put all those colors any where you want them to be! Well, of course you COULD! … but it would maybe be less prettier!
 So I generally start by applying the main eyeshadow color on your entire lid (except on the inner corner as well).
 Then,I proceed to put the darker color on the crease,so it is creating some deep to your look ! Take the time as well to blend those 2 colors so it is making great shaded tones.
  And last but at least, you may apply your lighter eyeshadow on the inner corner of your wonderful eyes!
This way,it is going to make your eyes look much more brigther.

And after that,you could just line your eyes with some eyeliner and put on some mascara and YOU ARE DONE ! 🙂

Hair Care Tips ♥


Hair can get really damaged easily, and so get some split ends,
which really make your hair unhealthy.

So down there, here’s some tricks to help the hair become stronger and healthier!

1. Use shampoo and conditioner that are appropriate for your type of hair.
2. Don’t EVER brush your hair while it’s wet! Your hair is much more likely to get damage when it’s wet, so you must wait until it’s mostly dry.
3.Try to not use so much heat tool (curling iron,flat iron,etc..) on your hair. This really to break your hair a lot. But if you use it though, always put on some heat protecter all over your hair, so it won’t get as much damages!
4. The best trick for repairing your hair is to use an oil treatment. You can buy some at the stores, but you can also make your own hair mask. Just put on some Virgin Oil all over your hair,let it sit for about 30-45 minutes, and then wash it off. You’ll feel that your hair will be all shiny and totally refreshed.
5. This is an important tip! You must ALWAYS cut off your slit ends. For about,every 2-3 months,you must cut about 1-2 inches of your hair. This will make your hair grow out healthier,and much more stronger.

So I hope those few tips is helping to give your hair the threat they deserve 😉